My name is Meg Coates and I'm an illustrator and comics artist. I'm 28 and already deep into greying, so I'm looking forward to my 30s being my golden years.

Some fun things about me:
thumbprint I have a birthmark on my face! It's about the size of a thumbprint.
gay pride flag I'm bi, genderfluid, and I'm okay with being referred to with any standard pronouns!
heart  I have a longterm partner with (intentionally) no internet presence... I will respect that by referring to him as "Luigi".
dog I love dogs. Just seeing a dog lifts my mood every time.
brain I have adhd and can't medicate it for medical reasons, so I spend a lot of my time trying to wrestle my brain into doing what I want it to.
hello, it's meg
Never Give Up!!
if you want to ask me a question or just chat, email me @ meggieport.gmail.com OR just comment one one of my posts here on Neocities!

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