Hot Meg Summer

     Hahaha, I didn't mean to be gone for SO LONG!! But it's for a pretty nice reason though- I've been having a Hot Meg Summer. My most recent trip was a get together with some friends that I haven't seen in person since pre-pandemic and we had an absolute blast together. The first day we went to the beach and the water was... so incredibly nice. Everybody but me got a bit of varying degrees sunburn, but somehow my pasty ass avoided it with ample sunscreen. Probably because I'm incredibly paranoid from having some pretty bad sunburns in my past. What I didn't avoid however was overexertion combined with some (alcohol assisted) dehydration that made my legs so sore. Woof.

     We finished the day with a PowerPoint party where we talked about Meow Wolf art installations, Kids Next Door, Prehistoric Horses, Dinosaurs in the Animal Crossing Museum, and mine which was titled 'Monsters... In General'. Everybody else's blew mine right out of the water, but I do think my title slide is clever (probably spent too much time on the look than the content)

gustav dore satan with text 'monsters in general'

     The next day we went to a pinball arcade and also had a fantastic time. I played through multiple pinball cabinets with various themes, some Bubble Bobble with a friend, through the entirety of House of the Dead with another friend... This also segway'd to me talking about one of the best House of the Dead entries, Typing of the Dead on the Dreamcast to type out words and sentences to kill zombies. I think it's basically the same, but even in game, instead of guns, the protagonists have...keyboards. Strapped to their shoulders.

Typing of the Dead Dreamcast Cover. Has a zombie in the background and two men holding keyboards like they're about to start some shit

     Absolutely goofy as shit concept, love it.

     After the pinball arcade, we basically just hung out, played videogames, I made salmon and lemon chicken with wild rice and asparagus for everybody. We talked, caught up, had a fantastic time... Too short of a time, I miss everybody already.

     I've also committed to a new working schedule where I work a certain amount of time then have a hard cut off after a certain time. It's wild how a schedule with a clear beginning and ending works so well, especially for an ADHD mess like me.

     My only problem so far is that after working, I end up taking a pretty long nap which sometimes lasts like 3 hours if I don't watch myself... It's kind of a problem and is making me wonder if I should go to the doctor and get a sleep study. I'm a generally sleepy person- I like to sleep, can sleep anytime, and, if left to my own devices, can sleep about 10 hours in a day... Which is usually not normal.

     ... But other than that. The schedule has worked out for me. And has helped me finish a couple of products for my Etsy store that I've been meaning to finish. Namely these dog stickers! I've also put some cool etched glasses on the page as well as given both sets of my stickers a matte and glossy option!! (click on the images to get to the etsy pages!)

I'm already working on the sticker set right now. On my twitter, I posted a little video preview- Check it out!

     The focus of the stickers are some sea monsters from the Carta Marina! Old medieval looking map creatures, basically.

     I know I'm not the fastest artist, which is kind of a detriment sometimes, but that's why I'm focusing so hard on products. I feel like if I develop a library of items large enough to have some consistent sales throughout, hopefully I'll be able to make a consistent enough income to where I can keep my sanity and do/discover what I love... And not feel like the clock is ticking behind me constantly.
     I might as well mention, while I'm here, that I also take commissions. While I plan to make a commission tab on the website, for now I'm just going to drop my twitter post right here to see if anybody is interested. I know that a lot of people who might glance at this probably also have pages of their own, so keep in mind I'd be willing to make assets for your website, neat looking buttons, simple gifs, etc etc...

     Overall, this summer I've been really happy and really figuring out different aspects of what it takes for me to continue being happy.

     Oh- Before I leave, I wanted to ask any of my artist/art adjacent followers. I've thought about moving my portfolio (from '') to artstation. My current professional website is hosted on Wix and there's been some complicated news surrounding them... It'd let me get out the important portfolio images as quickly as possible, make it so when I leave wix I wouldn't have to make some different website by scratch, free up webdesign desires to this fun site only, and save a lot of money.
     The cons I guess are... it wouldn't be a True personal website, which I've always been told is the portfolio ideal.

Let me know what you think below! Thank you for reading.

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Life Goes On

     Last weekend, I visited my grandpa in close proximity for the first time in a year! He’s my last grandparent and his house has been a constant for me since I was born... He’s had both doses of his vaccine and my mom (who’s visiting too) has had her first. I’ve missed him so much and it’s been so incredibly pleasant to see him again!
     It’s also worth mentioning that within a couple of days of getting home from visiting Grandpa, I also got my covid vaccine! I asked the pharmacy to put me on a backup list where they’d call me if somebody didn’t show up for their appointment or if they had more doses than they scheduled for. I thought it was unlikely, but here I am, post shot! If you’re reading this and you haven’t gotten your covid vaccine, check around if your local pharmacy has one of these lists that they use to prevent vaccine waste.

     While I was visiting, I also started playing around with a 3D sculpting program on my iPad called Nomad. It’s pretty extensive and I’ve made a couple of simple sculpts with it. My goal is to maybe upload some to blender and work with them from there. It also occurs to me that I've never posted any of my WIPs pictures from my various blender projects. None of them are complete (or even necessarily full projects past 'practice') but some of them are pretty neat, I think. Here's a handful of them!

low poly frog



pink crystals

I've also been toying around with metaballs on Blender, which is a neat way to sculpt with shapes! Here's an example of a model I'm working on right now using mostly metaballs.

charlie the dog

(It's of my dog, Charlie... I love that boy.)

Anyway, I hope y'all are doing well, and have a great week :)

3/21/2021 - It's getting warmer... idk if I'm ready for spring, but here it comes.

Hourly Comics Day




     I participated in hourly comics day the other day and I thought I'd share the comic over here! Hourly comics day is an event between artists in which they make comics based on their hourly activities on a specific day. Usually they're a little more specific than mine (time-wise), but I'm just glad to have gotten it done. I have a tendency to wildly overthink my comics and the more I can let go, the better. (like how I let go that I misspelled 'bouquet' and changed tense mid comic U_U; I might fix that later, but who knows)

     I might try and make more "blog" comics in addition to blog posts, because sometimes things are better said via pictures than words. It also gives a little interest factor to a life that is honestly pretty predictable these days.

     In these comics, I reference my dog, Charlie, who is My Problematic Fave.

P.S.- I got the haircut & the soup. Also, in my comics I reference a friend who streams- Find Angela Here- She's a stellar artist, plays videogames, and also is working on a speedrun of a terrible game for some reason.

2/13/2021 - Cold and Rainy

Rough Start

     This month was kind of rough for me and I can't entirely pinpoint why. Perhaps I was feeling so energized by the prospect of the new year that when the excitement left, I was just left with empty reality.

     I think a big part of why it lasted so long is not fully respecting myself when these downturns begin. I get in these ways where I don't want to do anything. That doesn't only include productive things, but also participating in my various hobbies, eating, hygiene, socialization, and basically anything that might give me any out into feeling anything different.

     And so I start going to bed a earlier, waking up later, and wishing the time in-  between wasn't so unnecessarily excruciating. When I get like this, I listen to podcasts incessantly (the most passive of all mediums), using the chatter to block out any chance of having thoughts of my own, giving me temporary, but kind of unhealthy relief.

     This lasts quite awhile, and in my moments where I can't muster anything, I search for reasons why I might feel this way. These depressive episodes comes at least once a month. It can last from a couple of days to two weeks and it disrupts everything. I have a theories of why it happens- certain triggers or hormonal cycles... But at this point in my life, I'm not sure if I need to look at it as a solvable problem or a chronic feeling I have to work my life around.

     I noticed the wave subsiding after I was invited over to my parent's house for some vegetable soup and cornbread. It was the warm and cozy meal with familiar people who care about me that broke the loop, and got me back on track.

     I think that should be my goal going forward- Paying attention to ways in which I can break the loop and stop my spiral.

     Going over and having the dinner also made me think a bit about the roll food plays in love and support. I didn't really cook until I started living with my boyfriend. Only then did I feel any desire to do so regularly and it gave me an insight as to why people go through such trouble to cook big elaborate meals (besides, y'know... survival). It's about caring for a person enough that you want to give them something that both sustains and delights them... And the great part about cooking is that usually when you choose to cook for another person, you're also cooking for yourself and giving yourself that same gesture of care, even if you didn't intend it that way.

     I just think that's a beautiful way to try and take care of yourself when you don't feel like you deserve it. Maybe through this process, one day you can feel like you do

     This post might have sounded a little melodramatic... and I'd be hard pressed to argue with this. I feel melodramatic when I get these waves of depression and feel guilt for feeling as bad as I do. But that sentiment and not acknowledging it doesn't make my brain interpret chemicals differently, so I guess I'm just going to be melodramatic sometimes. Thank you for understanding.

1/30/2021 - A Cold Quiet Day Where My Brain Can Breathe
2021 New Years Resolutions

     Okay, I've been thinking about my resolutions a bit, and I've decided on a couple. I might dip back into them and add more or rethink the wording on some... But for right now, I think this is a good list!
  • Learn Blender
  • Organize/Declutter My Space
  • Grow Etsy Business
  • Casually Search for an Art Job
  • Record and Edit Videogames I Play
  • Look for a House w/ Gio
  • Think/Write/Plan More
  • Structure My Days
  • Keep Track of My Mood Cycles
  • Find a Way To Make Money w/o Descending into Hopelessness

     A lot of these are self explanatory.... and I think there's a couple of points that could be replaced with a blanket ~Be Mindful~ statement, but I feel like that word has really lost meaning for me over the years. But the sentiment is still true- I want to be more present overall. Less autopilot, more learning, growing, and planning.

     For those who feel weird about New Years resolutions, I want to share something kind of personal! I felt similarly for a long time, thinking to myself, "Why make a bunch of goals that I might not finish by the end of the next year and potentially disappoint myself?"

     Then one year, when my mental health was at it's worst, I felt desperate and really needed big in my life to change. In a frenzy, I wrote a long list of things I wanted to work towards in the new year. I think I maybe followed through with about 1/4th of them. But. The 1/4th of the ones I was able to complete were really important ones! Like making a professional website (I did), and minimizing self-harm (I almost never now) among other things.

     I also noticed that the goals I didn't follow through with, but remained important to me, slipped into future resolution lists. Because the learning and the growing never stops and I feel that life has a way of eventually showing you what is really important to you.

    P.S. One more dumb anecdote... when I made that "first" resolution list, while stapling the stickynotes I wrote them on, I accidentally stapled my thumb... And my first thought was, "Ah, yes, the blood pact."
... This is wildly unnecessary for a list, don't do it- I certainly wouldn't on purpose... But I thought it was funny and I was able to project my own dumb meaning onto me making a mistake.

12/30/2020 - A Grey, Pleasant Day - Happy New Year!

Meg's First Blog Post

     As I am writing this right now, this web page isn't actually published, but that's honestly okay with me- I'm trying to take this slow. I'm making this website to redefine the way that I interact with the internet, distance myself from social media, and help me empty my thoughts a bit.

     I hope you enjoy this fun little space I'm trying to carve out in the internet. It's clearly still under construction, but I hope to have some of my artwork on here, as well as reviews of different media that I enjoy. I'm sure it's purpose will grow and evolve over the years, but for right now, it's a fun hobby and experiment.

    It's almost the New Year, which both exciting and terrifying... especially considering the type of year that has just passed. I haven't thought of it yet, but I was wondering if I should maybe post a resolutions list on here to reference and follow throughout the year... that might be my next post. Regardless, it feels nice to talk to the void for a moment.


12/27/2020 - A Nice, Quiet Day