Artists I Like

  • Bynine Studio/@BynineB
    • Character Designer, Illustrator, and Game Designer
    • makes a lot of cool fakemon!
    • Stands out for their use of heavily textured watercolor
      like coloring
    • bonus tumblr

  • Jordi Lafebre
    • Franco-Belgian Comic Artist
      and Illustrator
    • expressive character acting
      and poses that always catch
      my eye
    • bonus twitter

  • Soro/@sorochii_
    • Furry Character/Creature Designer
    • great linework and colors
    • fun, detailed, interesting character designs
      • seriously, every one of
        them is nice to look at
      • and a lot of them they
        sell on their twitter, so check it out if you're
        into that kinda thing

"ooh... black mirror... i get it"
  • Clyde K./@TUVVIN
    • Illustrator and Comic Artist
    • newsprint/multimedia grungy furry art style
    • bonus tumblr
      • I contribute to him on Patreon and he is a consistent poster/
        actively deep into his
        comic project

  • Muragoya Picture
    • Illustrator
    • fantastic use of bright colors
    • detailed scenes full of interesting objects

  • Joe Sparrow
    • Illustrator, Comic Artist, and Animator
      • triple threat!!!
    • clean shape based style
    • bonus twitter
      • I have one of his comics and tarot decks, both of which are stellar

  • Lyle/@snailpaw
    • Illustrator and Character Designer
    • cute character designs
    • great sense of bright and fun colors

  • Leo/@leofox__
    • Illustrator and Comics Artist
    • linework that makes me motionsick (in a good way!)
    • beautiful, haunting, visceral artwork
    • *sometimes nsfw
      • everytime this artist
        makes some new
        comics, I snatch it up...
      • literally one of my
        favorite artists, period

little dog in an airplane