Cool and Useful Sites

Web Building Utilities

Art Reference and Tools

    • basic, browser based, free photoshop
    • original paint app in browser
    • Original Kidpix in browser
    • good art reference for the size of different typical objects
    • pretty sure this is for architecture mock-ups
    • but looks like a neat place to find pose reference
  • Nvidia Canvas
    • AI based quick landscape maker
    • a neat tool I could see for being used for concept art
  • Fonts in Use
    • identifies different fonts used in brands!
  • Flamingtext
    • Free logo Generator
      • And by Free logo generator I mean it's a fun place to make word art esque logos
    • Do you like monsters?... I like monsters.
    • this blog is a curated look at monsters in art
    • *sometimes nsfw
  • Biodiversity Heritage Library
  • Comicbookfx
    • Website dedicated to archiving comicbook sound effects
      • This hasn't been updated in awhile, but it's got a nice backlog


    • content is in the name
    • lots of good scans and gifs of old, obscure games
    • game designer/journalist's blog
    • really great takes... a cool space to think about video games
    • noice cursor, i need one of those
  • NoClip
    • website that lets you explore levels from various videogames
    • I wish every game had a mode like this- hard stop
  • Vg-Resource
    • contains rips from videogames of
      • sprites
      • models
      • textures
      • sounds


  • Tiny Tools
    • This is a directory of a BUNCH of really neat webtools
    • Do yourself a favor and just comb through this when you have some time
  • Notion
    • my favorite note taking/thought organizing app
    • I really like the format, flexibility, seamless cross platform functionality, and that it's free (for one person)
    • My favorite bookmarking/image collecting app
      • I use this to store all of my reference materials
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