A Pop in

Hiiii :-) I haven't made a blog post for awhile, but I just wanted to pop in and say that I'm doing pretty well! I've been really focusing on my health and trying not to be too hard on myself When things aren't going great.

 Since my last blog post, I've gone to Fluke (mini comics expo) with friends, gone to the beach with family, and Have just been trying to figure things out and live in between! I made a minicomic that I passed and traded around at Fluke that I'll Probably post in comics a little later that was inspired by my last blog post (but more in a "looking up" sort of way).

I've also read a book recently (called Piranesi) and I really liked it, so I want to write a review of it sooner or later.

Hope everybody has a nice friday!

5/20/2022 - A Warm, content day

Drowning in My Brain

I'm just popping in real quick to sigh publicly. I've had such a hard time focusing on anything that matters this week. I periodically have these times where my mind won't latch onto anything and work at 100 percent. During these times I'm mega forgetful, which (ironically) always makes me remember the scary fact that people with ADHD are much more likely to develop Alzheimers when they get older... And I can totally see why. These moments feel like what I imagine to be Alzheimers lite. A brain fog that obscures purpose, ambition, and sends you scrambling for something to hold onto.

I feel Less Meg this week... But I'm sure they'll be back. There's just enough going on in my life and in the world that it'd be much more helpful if they were here right now.

Thank you so much for listening to my little vent- it kind of brings me back a little just to acknowledge and write it down. If you're reading this and have any favorite resources or tactics to get yourself out of this kind of haze, share them to me at or here on Neocities.

2/26/2022 - This Too Shall Pass

New year, new blog page

     Let me update people on how I’ve been doing! I started a job over the holiday season pretty soon after my last update and while I thought I was signing up for part time, I got Hella hours, which was good for money, but bad for my already limited energy level. All of my art/website/small business plans had to go on hold.
     I’ve now since evened out my workload, putting a hard limit on how many hours I can do and when I can work them. It’s been a couple of weeks of the new schedule and I think I can work with it, it’s just... really hard getting back in the groove. Shifting gears has always been something difficult for me and getting back into doing art after a period of time when I was Not is very hard.
     At least I can maintain my insurance this year!... And I plan on using it. I’ve gone far too long without addressing my energy problems and it’s clear that it’s having a pretty big impact on my life, even with just a *little* of it being monopolized by work. I meant to look into this more last year, but it was less of a problem when all of my work was so self guided and I could plan around my bad times...
     But anyway!! I just wanted to check back in and assure people that I’m Still Around, just figuring out some stuff.
     Oh, btw, I have a couple of friends who have just joined Neocities and have opened up some sites!! Check out Ingram’s & Jay’s /!

2/5/2022 - The Most Basic of Mornings.

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